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Downinblog 054

I knew that the summer would be my one and only chance to devote time into making the apartment Thomas and I found to look and feel like a home. Tiny spaces really don’t foster a “homey” feel for myself and I knew that if I wanted Thomas and I to enjoy coming home everyday I would need to create the warmth and comfort through design details. My first homemaker task was painting our walls a faint maple brown color for the living room and a faded olive green for the kitchen and dinning room. Without further due, come one in!

Downinblog 056

The first thing you see when approaching our entry way is a homemade wreath by yours truly. Both my mother and my mother in law have used wreaths for festive occasions in their home décor and that therefore inspired me to create a wreath for year long use. It’s also a great way for friends and family to figure out which apartment is ours.(Keep an eye out for the DIY wreath post in December!)

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One of my favorite spots to plop down after walking in to remove my shoes and catch my breath is our window-seat. Ironically, the bench I had acquired from target years ago fit perfectly within the frame of the window. The lumbar leaf pillow also comes from Target.

Downinblog 036

Next in view is our beautiful TV stand/entertainment system which the Mr. bought as a gift for me. He purchased this off of Amazon and we love the way it looks but it was a royal pain in the butt to assemble. My OCD tendencies would not allow the two front doors to hang anything but perfectly aligned from top to bottom. It took a grand total of four hours and one mental breakdown for its full completion.

Downinblog 026

Turning around past our balcony will land you in sight of our living room set up. Thomas and his family found us the brown couch at a local thrift store and the pillows came via Kmart and Etsy. The round mirror (originally black) was given to us by Thomas’ family and was later painted to match the décor. I purchase all my vintage décor paint from a local antique store called “Time Gone By”. However, if you are interested in purchasing the same paint, the company that makes it is called Mason Blanche. It is purchasable online.

Downinblog 043

My favorite piece of furniture we own was purchased at a yard sale for twenty dollars. It was originally a deep cherry-wood color and was then painted over to match our décor. With ten separate drawers and an open back hinge flap, it is the storage king of our home!

Downinblog 058

Two other bargain buys we found for our nest were the end table and lamp that tie the living room look together. The table is a large glass top iron cast beauty weighing probably the amount of a baby manatee. I’m proud to say I lugged that thing up our staircase all by myself after purchasing it from a local thrift store. It was also painted over to match the décor. The lamp was a score! Hobby Lobby was having 50 percent off lamps and I swept in like a hawk to claim this one.

Downinblog 084

Next comes our little dinning nook with faded world map (Old Time Pottery), his/her birdcage photo-frames painted over (Hobby Lobby), skeleton key clock (World Market), Bookshelf painted over (Target), and DIY floral arrangements.

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The kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are still in the process of being put together and will feature on a later post once completed. Thanks for stopping by! Featured below are some close-up décor details. Enjoy!

~ The Mrs.

Downinblog 085

Coupon Kitchen Organizer

Downinblog 025

Recipe Holder (Purchased from: The Doves Nest)

Downinblog 018

Our pet fish Sochi (Name after where the Olympics were held in Russia) living almost a year now!

Downinblog 033

A necessity for loose change (Purchased from: Family Christian Bookstore)

Downinblog 012

A previous Christmas gift from my Mr. (Young Living Oil Diffuser + Vintage oil storage box)

Downinblog 011

Candle sticks (Purchased from: Homegoods)

Downinblog 022

Candy Dish (Purchased from: Old Time Pottery)

Downinblog 047

Hanging Begonia Basket ( Purchased from: Lowes, Home Depot, & Old Time Pottery)



Prelude to Adventure


10-26-2014 The Downin Wedding CROPI could remember a time when I thought three months was a cruelly long time to wait for anything. Here I find myself at the three month marker till our wedding day and feel like it’s barely any time at all.
Since our engagement, we’ve witnessed several other engagements and attended many weddings of both friends and family.
Reality has not quite sunk in that on one day the roles will reverse. It’s not that I don’t acknowledge the fact that the event will actually come to pass, but more so that I cannot fully predict how I’ll take every facet of that day in.
The extravagant amounts of detail, the gathering of all our favorite people in the world, and the first moments of anything and everything as Mr. & Mrs. are almost too epic for the mind to grasp at the moment.
The list of planning details has dwindled down to a few things such as dress alterations, DJ appointment, and the wedding license.
Ironically, as the wedding list dwindles the start of the Fall semester and its demands approaches with haste. I’m not nearly ready for it, but God has not let me sink thus far and I trust in His strength and power to get me through the whirlwind of both planning the final details of our wedding and entering my practicum with 4th graders at Orangewood Elementary.
The event that approaches more closely is my bridal shower in September. Now that Thomas is permanently living in the apartment serving as newlywed Downin HQ, I look forward to receiving items that will help him “live”. It’s truly funny the things that are forgotten until you don’t have access to them anymore. For now, we use plastic eating utensils that also serve as cooking utensils till they meet a bitterly melted end. Knives with no cutting board also makes life interesting.
We consider this mid-transitional time to be a prelude to adventure.
In reality, such things as having pots and pans and actual silverware doesn’t determine life or death, but it definitely adds a level of comfort that we’d both like to have while voyaging the joys and struggles of the first year. We have truly been blessed by the wisdom of other young and old married couples on what to expect, be aware of, and pray about entering the first year. Thank you to those who have graciously imparted such valuable information to us. It has not fallen on deaf ears. In the meantime, expect a later post of apartment design updates from yours truly and how we are building or newlywed nest so to speak.

Until Then,

The (Future) Mrs.

© Joy Michelle Photography 2014