March Update: In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb



Happy April! Two months snuck past us without one single update! Don’t worry. There is plenty of news and updates to go around in this one post alone. Life at the newlywed Downin headquarters has been bustling with new opportunities on the horizon…IN IOWA! Our official last day in Florida will be June 8th, 2015.

IMG_3408SURPRISE! WE ARE MOVING! Diesel is ready to tackle Iowa. Over spring break in March, a close friend of ours (Bry Bry Rohwer) helped Thomas get set up with an interview during the week we were visiting. Things went very well and they asked when Thomas could start. For months we had been praying for God to open up opportunities for both of us whether in Iowa or in Florida. We believe this is the next step in our lives and hope to put down roots in Iowa where we can grow and flourish as a family. Until then, there is a lot of work to be done. Lots of packing, paperwork, house hunting, and getting certified to teach in our new home state.

IMG_3375 (Thomas after landing his interview)

In other news, graduation is walking towards me at a steady pace. March was filled with wonderful memories with my internship class and I feel myself tearing up every time I think about my last day with them on April 24th. Even though the students get crazy sometimes and make my mentor and I occasionally want to pull our hair out, they are amazing little people and create so much laughter and joy in the classroom. The only thing I will miss more than them is the amazing team members I have come to know and love!


These women as well as some that weren’t in the picture have given me amazing and valuable advise about teaching. My mentor has reignited my passion for the profession just from witnessing the love she has for her kiddos. God has truly blessed me by putting me at Harns Marsh Elementary as a second chance. He has also blessed with amazing professors at FSW that fought hard to see me through to this point. No one has fought harder to get me to the end of internship than my supervisor Joyce Rollins. She is the epitome of a driven educator and I am grateful for being placed in her cohort.

In other exciting March news, there is a new “Mrs.” walking in the streets these days!

IMG_3341We were honored to attend the wedding of Donna and Neil Magnussen. Donna has been in my life ever since high school where I befriended her daughter Charisa in what has now been a ten year friendship. Donna has been a huge blessing and prayer warrior in my life and has been like a third mother in my eyes. God has given her the man of her dreams and is going to bless them in so many ways! Congratulations to the Magnussens!   IMG_3279

As March came to a close and April sprung up, we gathered as a family on Easter to share in the Resurrection of our Lord with food and fun! Diesel and Emma scavenged for eggs, Jon and Thomas shot bb’s at the crocodiles in the lake, and the ladies sat in the grass talking in the breeze and sun.

IMG_3442 IMG_3444 IMG_3456 IMG_3482 IMG_3487 IMG_3492 Lastly, before the magic of spring break came to a close, I finally got the opportunity to catch up with the future Mrs. Peterson! (aka Manders) Manders, being my friend of ten years, decided to spoil me with a belated birthday gift of treating me to the bubble room for lunch and cake! Needless to say, we might’ve gone overboard with the cake.


IMG_3520Thanks for reading! We will keep you posted on our move and on other new updates. Stay tuned!

~The Mrs.