The New Chapter


IMG_0006 (2)Hello readers!

You might be seeing a lot more of the Downins on the blog before the big move. Why? I (The Mrs.) have recently graduated from Florida Southwestern State College with my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education! With no critical tasks on the horizon, I am freed up more on the weekends to catch you dear readers up with the Downin day to day. At least until a job presents itself.

IMG_0029The journey to this point was arduous to say the least, but so many things in life that are accomplished rarely taste as sweet without being arduous to an extent. My support team consisted of my husband who denied himself constantly to put my needs at the forefront of each and every day, my family who put so much effort into keeping my eyes fixed on things that were true and tag teaming encouraging and uplifting advice, and my SOE (School of Education) family of friends and professors who kept me from giving up foremost on myself.

IMG_0014Thank you doesn’t seem to be a strong enough phrase to express the gratitude I have towards these people. I so greatly look forward to seeing where each individual path of life takes my dear friends and professors. I love to picture all the children that my friends are going to impact for the good and how many lives will be changed through the means of a solid education and strong classroom community. I do intend to journal throughout my first year via the blog with hopes that it will serve as a good reflective tool. I believe it won’t hurt to record my humble beginnings.

IMG_0170Speaking of humble beginnings, I was so incredibly blessed by my bestie Manders with all sorts of gifts with personal messages about how the item is helpful and what she has used it for within her own classroom. I feel like I will be carrying a little piece of her with me into my future classroom and somehow that one thought alone brings me great comfort and encouragement. I encountered the same feeling when being blessed by my other dearest friend Charisa with a beautiful classroom gift!

IMG_0171With so many resources ready to be used, we are greatly looking forward to the new chapter of our lives in Iowa! Recent events have greatly sped up our moving date. Thomas was offered a different job with benefits that would better suit us as a family unit. However, the job requires him to leave Florida to drive up on the 12th of May which is literally within two days time! Later this week, I also have a phone appointment scheduled with the elementary principal of Des Moines Christian School regarding positions and openings. Prayer would be greatly appreciated in my job search for the school where I’m meant to work at.

IMG_0087In the meantime, we’ve been frantically getting all of our ducks in a row. The big daunting project of painting the apartment back to its original white color is almost over but has been incredibly tiring. I still can’t say that I regret painting it in the first place. The homey feeling and warmth the paint color added to our little apartment was worth it. Not only will Thomas be leaving in two days, but so will my little fur-baby Diesel! I’m trying to spend as much time with him as possible as well as so many others who I’ll be missing terribly when I leave.


One of the many people I will miss is this little one; Emmy! A couple of weeks ago my sister announced that she was expecting again and that Emma was going to be a big sister! My sister’s due date is December 25th. In hopes of spending some quality time with friends and family, we threw a little get together to celebrate the opening of our new chapter in life. The day was filled with food, games, a walk around the lake. IMG_0128IMG_0096 IMG_0101 IMG_0122 IMG_0130 IMG_0136For now, everything is falling into place. It seems so surreal to be undergoing such major life changes all at the same time. My sense of adventure has escalated tenfold at the idea of a new jobs, new state, and living in an actual house. We will keep you all posted on the house hunt and when we eventually have a new address. Until next time, happy summertime!

~ The Downins