October Highlights & Downin Updates



I’ve got to say that the later half of October was both fun and eventful in so many different ways! Most of you know that the Mr. and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary on October 26. Money is a bit tight right now, so we decided to have a staycation and visit the Jordan Creek Mall for some shopping and eating at all our favorite restaurants. At the end of the day, we went out to a cute place in Johnston called “Flix Brewhouse” for full service dinner and a movie (Pan) all from our movie chairs!


This was our second time going to see a movie and eat dinner and each time we were blown away by the excellently prepared meals, extensive menu, and house brews. It’s definitely something a bit more special as opposed to attending a regular flick. IMG_1510Another wonderful highlight to the month of October was a first home visit from my parents! It was a short weekend visit chalked full of as much “Iowan” activities that the Mr. and I could think of. The first stop we made after picking the rents up from the airport was to “Which Which” for some grub. This sandwich shop was just recently built and 10 minutes away from our home! You would never want to eat subway ever again people. Fortunately, my parents shared the same sentiment about what they ordered.


Our next full group activity was taking my parents to the downtown Des Moines farmers market. While there, we explored every avenue taking in the sights and smells, but also looking everywhere for a jacket for dad who was braving the 50 degree weather without one. I think the highlight of the market was definitely the live music from hipster banjo player, saxophonist, and old married hymn singers.

IMG_1469 IMG_1471 IMG_1472 IMG_1478 IMG_1480

After perusing the farmers market, Thomas drove us all to visit Wildwood Ranch, one of Iowa’s oldest covered bridges, and to John Wayne’s birthplace in Winterset, Iowa. It was so cool to share these special places with my parents and see them enjoy it as much as we do. All too soon it was over and we sent the rents back to their tropical homestead with new memories in hand. However, it won’t be too long until I see them again because my best friend Manders is tying the knot on November 8th! I will be in Florida from the 5th-12th.IMG_1488IMG_1483 IMG_1485 IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1489 IMG_1490 IMG_1491 IMG_1494 IMG_1501The updates on the Downin home front are few but all positive! Recently, my classroom changed it’s dynamic drastically with the help of some strong parental decisions. My class is now manageable and I’m starting to develop closer bonds with my students. I finally have the mindset of “I can survive teaching preschool” and “I can do this”. I’m starting to prowl the Iowa education website for elementary positions for next year. I would greatly appreciate your support through prayer.

The Mr. continues to work his fanny off being the best bank teller he can be and providing for our little family. HE is thinking about getting a second dog so Diesel can have a buddy. We were thinking about getting a pure bred dapple colored Dachshund but we are going to check out the rescues and humane societies around town first to see if we can score another winner like Diesel.

Diesel continues to be adorable, cute, gassy, and spastically entertaining. He has adapted to our new state, home, and weather exceedingly well! IMG_1540IMG_1538(HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM DIESEL THE ELEPHANT)

Here’s some of what’s in store in our blog cue!

  •  The Mrs. Blackened Chicken Marinade Recipe


  •  Product Reviews (Makeup & Handheld Steamer)


  • Amanda & Josh’s November Wedding Highlights

Kelly and Thomas234

Keep tuned for some other things in between! Hope you continue to be delighted with Delightfully Downin!

Till Next Post,

The Mrs.


My Preschool Saying of the Month

“Working in Preschool is like herding cats that just rolled in nip”


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