The Peterson Adventures



Very few things in life top witnessing your best friend of nearly over a decade embody the role of a bride and dance till the sun goes down with her God appointed husband. The tales of my positive  adventure witnessing the Peterson wedding also came with a week worth of fever, ear infection, and the beginnings of strep. I wasn’t able to hang out with everyone which broke my heart but I needed to set limits. However, as you might have guessed, I survived! Florida heat was a beast that week topping off in the 90’s some days. Nevertheless, the good times kept rolling and an amazing union still happened.


If your name is Emily Penberthy, you might not want to read this post because it’s about to get real sappy real quick! For those of you who don’t mind  a gooey sentimental tribute to the first Peterson Adventure, please move your eyes to the right………..Here we go!


I met Amanda Penberthy (affectionately known as Manders) during our ninth grade year at Evangelical Christian School in our choir elective. Our friendship has undergone just about anything you can imagine happening within ten years of emerging into the adult world. We geeked out over boy bands (Hawk Nelson), “Almost” made it to Italy, composed a musical (with my sister Katy) because we were bored and clearly knew that in adult life another opportunity to do so would not present itself again, made it through our awkward phases, learned to depend on each other, learned to point each other to Christ first, rebuked one another when needed, suffered loss and rejoiced in gain, tripped (Amanda) too many times to count, talked about our dream weddings,

IMG_1586 danced in the rain at Disney World, took so many photos of ourselves that we’re sure to live on long after we’re gone, listened to my dad rant about the “new guys” he’d found for us, dated one too many Presbyterians ;), watched each other graduate, watched each other become brides, and watched each other grow up into who we are right this minute. This emergence into being rather grown up is so rough without a dear friend. I am so grateful and moved when I relive the past moments and see how we’ve never let change effect the strength of our relationship.



Amanda couldn’t have looked lovelier in her blush colored gown beaming happiness you could see radiating off her the entire time. Every little detail was perfect. I think one of the most wonderful things about attending the Peterson wedding was the fact that everything about their wedding reflected their personalities so effortlessly.



So many times you’ll see brides and even grooms get tangled up in their planning because they want it to be overly extravagant due to the fact of it being only a day or do something completely set apart from what they usually prefer. Though those weddings are still great and perfectly fine, it’s just not the same as attending one where you see the details and think to yourself “This is SO them.” Plus, having my sister perform the ceremony music was an added bonus 🙂


The second most wonderful thing about attending the Peterson wedding was reuniting with some of the most wonderful people I have known and loved for most of my young adult life. I also had the immense pleasure of meeting so many new people that were apart of Amanda and Josh’s life. I consider it such a blessing to know that whoever Amanda seems to befriend, they pour so much into her life and are people I find myself loving in return!




Everywhere I turned I could see people from all different parts of Amanda’s journey since I’ve known her. People from college, roomies, church friends, co-workers, even our past high-school teachers played a part in her big day. It just got me thinking about how much more wonderful Heaven is going to be when we are in the midst of our loved ones but in the presence of the Lord!


Speaking of loved ones, I was blessed to be able to see my brother Michael again after a long lapse of time and be able to stay at my parents for the remainder of the week as I recovered from the wedding and from my major sicknesses. I finally got to see the Weirichs’ new homestead and little Emmy’s room. Although I hate Florida heat, it didn’t stop me from enjoying time with my family like when we braved the heat to get lunch at the farmers market.


Anyways, back to the wedding! Before I could even blink again, Manders became a Peterson, we danced the night away, ate cake, toasted to the many good years ahead, and then in the still, quiet, aftermath of the Peterson’s backyard I whispered to God, “You are faithful” and it was as if the Lord whispered back “Till the end.”


So there it is in a nutshell. Happily ever Peterson!


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Till Next Time!

~The Mrs.







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