3 Years


IMG_5892Many things can happen in three years time. Today I was pleasantly reminded that I created this blog 3 years ago today. Flashing back to that exact moment, I can remember my exact thoughts…”I want to remember everything.”

How strangely fascinating it is now three years ahead to look back at all the things I recorded to remember. If I look close enough I can see the chisel in God’s hand chipping away at areas to prepare me for what he had in store and the vallies and hilltops it took me to get to present day.

One of these revelations was my journey into motherhood. For those closest to me or those who decided to spend some free time reading my blog entries,  know that a great many trials came with the birth to the love of my life.

It was out of what felt like the clear blue sky that a strong thought entered my mind as I sat in my bed reliving the day in my mind. I had a moment of thanking God for getting me through my troubles because my body and mind had been at peace and I was basking in the blessings of the day.

“Someone right now is suffering. Someone right now isn’t through their troubles. Someone right now is going through it.”

“How true”, I remember thinking and the thought burdened my heart to the point of tears. I prayed for the great many nameless and unknown women suffering from something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. That wasn’t enough to squelch the burning burden placed on my heart.

“What can I do?”, I asked God. Immediately He showed me. “Give your suffering purpose and give it a voice”. I took a scrap of paper and a pen and he Lord provided everything else.

He gave me the “skeleton” for my story AKA the table of contents and the name for the book I believe He wants me to write. He brings me back to the moment where the thought initially entered my mind.

“Someone right now is suffering. Someone right now isn’t through their troubles. Someone right now is going through it.”

This book, this story, this tool is a means to point others to the source of hope and joy (Yes, joy) through long suffering. He reminds me to write to that “someone” out there. It drives the purpose behind each and every word I pray for God to give me.

Many things happen in three years time, but not every trial we bare is something we share. So I urge you to share your burden or triumph of one with someone or anyone and give glory to God at whatever phase you find yourself in. Bare testimony! We weren’t meant to keep silent when God’s power has freed us!

This story doesn’t have a deadline but it will be what I’m working on mostly over the summer. I ask that you pray for those who will eventually receive this through whatever means the Lord delivers it to them.  Let the truth break through the darkness and the disgusting stigma of Post Partum Depression. I look forward to sharing my story and so many other elements from family and friends in “The Healers Hand: Hope for Hurting Mothers.”


(Chubs the horse at Wildwood Hills Ranch)

I suppose that an update on our little family is well overdue! Our little Kimberlee Joy continues to amaze us and delight us with her indeed joyful personality. She is discovering so many things and I covet the moments that I get to introduce her to my favorite things in this life.

I’m so blessed to be staying home in the summer due to my occupation. I have loved every moment I get to spend with my baby. It’s hard work being a stay at home mom, but it’s also incredibly fun and rewarding. Those two factors alone topple any cons on the scale plus I still get to tutor a student a few days a week to break things up for an hour.


Thomas and I have finally found our home church at New Hope Assembly! We are so fed and blessed by the staff and congregation there and see the Lords anointing hand over it. It’s been interesting to see our journey to plant roots down in a church unfold. It has been one of the most stressful things about moving to a different state and leaving the church you love.

Though our journey was long and included many church searches and meeting other awesome bodies of believers, He lead us to our wellspring! We are looking forward to our membership class and plugging in for the long haul. Praise God.

Another wonderful blessing has been seeing Thomas use his God given talents and compassionate heart in the temporary change of his profession all thanks to our friends at Wildwood Hills Ranch offering him the team building director position for the summer. Those of you who know my husband know that God did not make him to sit behind a desk all day, but he gladly sacrifices for his family in doing so until the Lord provides him with another opportunity to do what he knows he is called to do. Wildwood has been a huge stepping stone in his life since he started working there as a teenager all those years ago. It’s incredible and awe inspiring to see him in his element and loving on kids that so many deem “broken” or “unreachable”.


Bandit and Diesel are loving life and pick on each other 24/7 in brotherly love. They had one of their first days apart when Thomas took Diesel to the ranch for the day. Bandit cried by the door for ten minutes but eventually got over being the only fur baby in the house realizing he didn’t have to share Kimberlee or I.

In other life news, we recently went on our first family vacation to Lewes, Delaware. It’s safe to say that we won’t be flying in a plane with Kimberlee anytime soon. It was a bit stressful on the way back and the first couple days of actually being there because I was so ill from what we think was my thyroid adjusting to the medicine. I went to the ER when I felt like a couldn’t handle myself anymore. Sure enough the next day, my body leveled out or stopped stripping me of feeling well. Nothing beats the feeling of being in your own bed after 2 weeks of staying in different places!


I’m making sure to not take this week for granted because by the end of it I’ll be bound for Scotland. I’ve never traveled or did so much in one summer! Once I return, (with several millions of pictures) I only have a week before Kimber baby’s first birthday party (which will also accrue another million photos to edit)! Not sure how I’ll sift through them with school (work for me) starting in the middle of those two big events. In September we are finally getting some family photos done by someone other than me! I’m so freaking excited because doing our own is always so time consuming and stressful. I look forward to sharing the details of our photoshoot plans with you! For now, it’s back to the grind of travel recovery and travel prep. Hopefully I won’t wait so long between posts to write. They always end up in a giant outpouring of random things, events, and thoughts instead of a streamline idea or message. For that, I apologize. At least you are all up to date now!

All Is Grace,

The Mrs.