Something Old Something New



By the title, you are probably assuming this is a wedding related post….fooled you! After now having my feet placed back under me by the Lord, I have decided to commit myself to one of my hobbies in addition to being a substitute teacher. I’ve decided to reopen myself to photography. I’ve always loved it and loved making people happy with my style of shooting and editing. I’ve gone through a kind of metamorphous with business names through those noncommittal years. You might remember my first one being “Kellyphotographics”. I wanted to sound “cool” and “techy”…embarrassing.  Eventually that name died away because I felt it didn’t represent or mesh well with my style of images. Then came the nice thing that almost everyone does now (which is NOT bad and I’m NOT putting down those who do it because it makes things brand specific) which is the first and middle name of yours truly, “Kelly Christina Photography.” I really liked this but to be honest, I just copied the smarter people who did it before me. I thought to myself, “Well, I am behind the camera taking the shots and they are MY images. So it makes sense and it sounds better….copycat. I just did it because everyone else was doing it.


After taking a good look into my motives, I thought to myself “What drives me? I want that to be incorporated into my brand name.” The answer was so simple and as soon as I thought of it I performed a well deserved face-palm. Delightfully Downin Photography. My motive is my family pictured perfectly right above. They keep me going. They make me want to capture moments and they are the reason I want to pursue this again. The name just seemed right after thinking about it. To me our new brand name says, “We are simply who we are and we love to capture it.”  Having the blog already set up was just the icing on top of the cake.  Those old names are long gone and the new name is here to stay permanently!


However, I’m still currently in the process of designing our website. It’s not ready to be released yet but it will be soon! It’s just a bit hard to design your own site when your newborn’s needs are so many and so frequent. I’ve allowed myself a month to finish and to finish it authentically and not just something spun together last minute because I’m rushed with Kimber. This blog will remain the window into our personal lives but with some added professional life posts.


So keep your eyes peeled for the big website reveal! I’ll be tugging at social media once It’s ready so there’s no way to miss it! I hope you have a most blessed Thursday! Remember to thank God for something/anything today. One way we do this is through our family thankfulness jar & journal. We write something down when we think of it and either put it in the jar or in the journal. At the end of the year, we’ll look back at all the things we gave thanks for!


All Is Grace,

~The Mrs.



Throwing a Proper Tea Party


IMG_2201Christmas parties are a dime a dozen this time of year. If you’re in the spirit of throwing one yourself but want to entertain in a more elegant way for your guests, might I suggest a nice High Noon Christmas tea party? After hosting one recently, I found it to be a bit more relaxing and simple without sacrificing a fun loving atmosphere. I’ve come up with a few simple guidelines to help you get started. Let’s go!

IMG_1827First Step: After picking your desired date, start drawing up a list of invitees. Keep it smaller to make the event more personal and intimate. Send out invitations or the ever popular Facebook event invitation and wait for a head count. Diesel and I decided to invite some of our SOE pals.


 Second Step: Let’s talk favors. These will vary on the type of group you have coming and the amount of people attending. Because a tea party lends itself to delicate theme & atmosphere, it was no sweat deciding to get these individualized heart shaped tea infusers by Kate Aspen. It came with adorable packaging and the guests could use them for bulkier loose leaf tea.

IMG_2205Third Step: Decide on your party’s menu and beverage list. Tea parties come with a myriad of possible options ranging from sweet delicate tarts to savory scones and quiches. On a more classic and traditional bent, I served my guests two types of tea sandwich (cucumber and turkey cranberry), peppermint chocolate chip scones, and raspberry tarts. Many people will want to know if they need to bring anything. If you feel it necessary, dips, fruits, and vegetables are all good fill in food that will not retract from the main meal.



Fourth Step: Decorate Decorate Decorate! Create an atmosphere of elegance and timeless charm! Use whatever you have on hand. I used some old suitcases, floral DIY arrangements, and fine china from my mother in law and from my good friends the Penberthys that I received at my Bridal shower. Another favorite statement piece of mine was decorating with my crystal dishware given to us by my brother in law Jonathan and his lady Ellen, and good family friend Kathy Brooder.



Fifth Step: Set out the food ten minutes prior to your guests arriving and host with a smile! We decided to do a white elephant gift exchange after tea to keep the party going but that is something completely optional.


Most importantly, have fun and cherish the memories and moments during the party and moreover the holiday season. We wish you and yours a splendid and relaxing time with friends and family this Christmas and New Years! Recipe post to follow this one. It’s a keeper! 🙂

~The Mrs.