Something Old Something New



By the title, you are probably assuming this is a wedding related post….fooled you! After now having my feet placed back under me by the Lord, I have decided to commit myself to one of my hobbies in addition to being a substitute teacher. I’ve decided to reopen myself to photography. I’ve always loved it and loved making people happy with my style of shooting and editing. I’ve gone through a kind of metamorphous with business names through those noncommittal years. You might remember my first one being “Kellyphotographics”. I wanted to sound “cool” and “techy”…embarrassing.  Eventually that name died away because I felt it didn’t represent or mesh well with my style of images. Then came the nice thing that almost everyone does now (which is NOT bad and I’m NOT putting down those who do it because it makes things brand specific) which is the first and middle name of yours truly, “Kelly Christina Photography.” I really liked this but to be honest, I just copied the smarter people who did it before me. I thought to myself, “Well, I am behind the camera taking the shots and they are MY images. So it makes sense and it sounds better….copycat. I just did it because everyone else was doing it.


After taking a good look into my motives, I thought to myself “What drives me? I want that to be incorporated into my brand name.” The answer was so simple and as soon as I thought of it I performed a well deserved face-palm. Delightfully Downin Photography. My motive is my family pictured perfectly right above. They keep me going. They make me want to capture moments and they are the reason I want to pursue this again. The name just seemed right after thinking about it. To me our new brand name says, “We are simply who we are and we love to capture it.”  Having the blog already set up was just the icing on top of the cake.  Those old names are long gone and the new name is here to stay permanently!


However, I’m still currently in the process of designing our website. It’s not ready to be released yet but it will be soon! It’s just a bit hard to design your own site when your newborn’s needs are so many and so frequent. I’ve allowed myself a month to finish and to finish it authentically and not just something spun together last minute because I’m rushed with Kimber. This blog will remain the window into our personal lives but with some added professional life posts.


So keep your eyes peeled for the big website reveal! I’ll be tugging at social media once It’s ready so there’s no way to miss it! I hope you have a most blessed Thursday! Remember to thank God for something/anything today. One way we do this is through our family thankfulness jar & journal. We write something down when we think of it and either put it in the jar or in the journal. At the end of the year, we’ll look back at all the things we gave thanks for!


All Is Grace,

~The Mrs.



Motherhood: The Slow Embrace


(WARNING: This post is extremely honest and blunt and intended to encourage those who have been or are going through something similar)


“I couldn’t leave my baby’s side for more than five minutes…”

“I fell in love with my baby as soon as I laid eyes on her…”

“There was an immediate bond between us…”

“I just couldn’t get enough of her!…”

These are all things I had been told before I gave birth to our Kimberlee Joy from several friends who were regaling me with their birth stories. I remember them so clearly because I struggled for those statements to come true for me. The later half of my pregnancy had me excited and fantasizing about my precious little girl. I had nested to my fullest capacity and was ready to have her in my arms. When my OB told me I was showing signs of preeclampsia and might have to deliver early, part of me was happy because I wanted to meet her. Though the news was worrisome to some degree, it was like being told I could open a Christmas present early or something.


Kimberlee had plans of her own and decided she wanted to join the world on her own terms and in her own time without the help of induction. I had been battling some major contractions for two days and lost two nights worth of sleep before Thomas said enough is enough and drove me to the hospital. I had only dilated to 2 cm when my contractions escalated even more. I laid there howling in pain on the triage hospital bed waiting to hear the heavenly words, “Time for you to be admitted.” That did not happen until three hours later.


By the time I had gotten to 4 cm dilation, I was begging to know when I could have my epidural. They finally whisked me away to the birthing unit where I was given a pain medication through my IV to help me sleep so I would have energy for delivery. Soon the anesthesiologist came to perform my epidural. During the process, I fell asleep and while the Dr. was still exploring my spine, a nerve sent a shock through my leg that woke me up in a fright and I jolted suddenly with a scream. Everything seemed fine at the moment but I paid for it later.


The epidural was like a dream come true. I could feel pressure but I wasn’t in agony anymore. I could actually get sleep! I slept for about 2 more hours before I had dilated to 10cm and the Dr. came to break my water. Once that was done, I felt ready to push and take on my birth warrior title with a vaginal delivery. I pushed for 2 hours with little progress except a fever spike. Thomas could just see the top of her head when Kimberlee started showing signs of distress from the monitor attached to my stomach. I had to make the call I thought was best for her and was soon wheeled down to the OR for an emergency C-section. I was numbed to the point where I couldn’t move or even tell when they had started cutting into me. I remember feeling dizzy and nauseous halfway through and staring into the blue cover they put in front of my face while Thomas watched them taking out organs and placing them back.


I remember feeling tugs back and forth and eventually a weak little cry broke through the fog of my weary mind and body. Thomas came around the blue veil with our daughter tightly wrapped up. I could only see a bundle in his arms from my angle on the operating table. I hadn’t even seen her face completely or long enough to remember when she was rushed up to the NICU and I was left to be stitched up and transported. Thomas sent pictures to my phone from the NICU and I remember thinking “She’s so cute!” I studied the picture looking for similarities between Thomas and I.


I slept like the dead that night after all the events that had transpired. I learned the next morning from Thomas that Kimberlee wasn’t breathing right after she came out. I was eager to hold her and get things rolling when a problem developed. When it was finally time for me to get up and walk for the first time to see her in the NICU, I arose and immediately my head was filled with splitting pain. It would only present itself when sitting up. When laying flat, I would be relieved of the pain in my head. I relayed my concerns to my nurse and she suspected it was spine related. She contacted the anesthesiologist immediately to perform a “blood patch”. This entailed the implementation of yet another epidural in which the Dr. would inject a vile of my blood into my spine to clot the spinal leakage that was causing my head to split. He said that once the blood is injected that the relief would be immediate. Praise God it was, but I was ordered to lay flat for another 2 hours before getting up again.


I was discharged in the usual 3 day fashion of a C-section patient. Kimberlee remained in the NICU for five days before we took her home. The first night was as expected….Complete Overwhelm. The second night wasn’t as bad but the lack of sleep and  anxious thoughts of “This is what my life is going to be like now”, “I’m never going to get good sleep”, “I’m going to be all alone during the day”, “I can’t do this”, and etc. finally broke me and in entered post partum depression like a giant wave that had taken my breath away in one second. I felt immediately trapped and panicked by my circumstances and slowly the lies that one oppressed by depression is afflicted with started screaming loudly in my mind…”I don’t want her”, “I didn’t want this”, “I miss life being just me my dog and Thomas”, “I don’t want to wake up”, “I want to sleep forever”, “I can’t take care of her”, “I want to die”.


I remember being terrified of waking up because when I did the depression washed over me as soon as I came back from dreaming into reality. I would look at my sweet Kimberlee and feel nothing. I was so detached from her and felt detached from everyone around me. During a visit to my in-laws house I had a mental breakdown and finally revealed what I was feeling. My husband and my in-laws told me to go downstairs and get some rest. I woke up the next morning with all of my clothes, medications, baby stuff, and bassinet all at my in-laws house. During my deep sleep, my husband moved our things over and we ended up living with my dear in-laws for almost a month. I don’t know what I would have done without them helping take care of Kimberlee. They were able to smile at her, play with her, and care for her when I felt I could not. The devil decided he wanted to steal this blessing away from me by putting guilt in my head. “You shouldn’t have to have help”, “You’re a lazy mother..a bad mother”, “You’ll fail when you move back into your house”, “You’re depression is making others sad and uncomfortable”, “No-one wants to be around you”, “You are the biggest burden”.


I believed these things even though no-one helping me was even voicing anything of the sort. I felt like a horrible person for not being “happy” about being a mother and for not gushing over my daughter like so many others were. I wanted to be that person, but the haze was thick and I needed help. I always knew I was pre-disposed to this type of mental illness because some of my family members struggled with it also. I found comfort in seeing how God gave them victory over it because I so desperately wanted victory in my story. I talked to my doctor about what I had been feeling and more importantly what I had been thinking. At one point I was so low I wanted to drive myself off the bridge I was going over. These thoughts were NOT me. They were not of God. They were symptoms of the depression. I told my doctor that I fought negative thoughts constantly and was feeling weary of it. I ended up being prescribed Zoloft.


The medicine takes a while to build up and I could not feel a change for many weeks. My sister, who had overcome PPD referred me to a Christian counseling service to help determine thoughts that are true and of God as opposed to those being spun by the enemy through my mental illness. Sometimes I needed people to tell me things I needed to declare out loud. “God chose you for Kimberlee”, “You are not alone”, “This too shall pass”, “You are a good mother”. I began taking every thought captive and asked God for the strength to do mind battle and take care of Kimberlee at the same time. I prayed strength for my family members and gave thanks for their help instead of letting their help make me feel guilty. I thanked God for my husband Thomas for keeping a jovial spirit in the midst of my sorrowful state. Lastly, I thanked God for Kimberlee. Even though I did not feel like I was thankful for her I did it anyway. I sought and still seek the Lord every morning and throughout the day and night.


Slowly but surely, the fog began to lift little by little. I would feel warmth in my heart when I saw Kimberlee smile. I would hear her cry and actually want to comfort her. I slowly began to embrace motherhood and let thoughts of my past life before being a mother go. I remember actually laughing genuinely at something till I cried and thinking “This is me…Praise God”. Now I feel like the proud momma. The one that wants to dress her daughter up with pretty bows and brag about how perfectly adorable I think she is in every way. I kiss and nibble her little cheeks and feel like sometimes my heart will burst because I love her so much.


God has taught me so much through this transition into motherhood. First and foremost I learned that I cannot be a mother without God. I literally do not have the strength, the patience, the selflessness, and the endurance apart from the Lord. I was foolish to ever believe I could and I believe quite differently now. The Lord allowed everything I thought I had control of in my life to be stripped away. My sleep, my mental health, my physical health, my appearance, my overall day and what I chose to do with it. I believe he allowed this to happen so that I would learn how to truly rely on him for each and every moment both good and bad wether I felt like it or not. Feelings are manipulated by depression but I was told that feelings should not dictate our actions. I felt hopeless, but I knew God would give me hope. I felt sad and sorrowful, but I chose to sing about how amazing and faithful God is.


I am still getting used to my role and still occasionally fighting thoughts I know are not true, but God is healing me and teaching me along the way. I just wanted to put this out there because I know that social media and other avenues paint a picture for us about pregnancy, parenthood, and life that is glistening and perfect. Most people will not upload a photo of their screaming child or their swollen feet. I’m not saying that we need to be complaining or being little rainclouds. Rather, I think we need to be REAL. The reality for me is that my first month as a mother was so incredibly dark and I felt incredible pressure to be “normal” by standards set by others and by myself. Well people, this is incredibly normal and if you are going through the same thing I pray this encourages you to hold on, let God be God, and to see victories in your day no matter how small you think they are.



Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming. I know I have half of Florida praying for us right now and that boosts my spirit incredibly. Here’s to finding joy in all circumstances wether we feel up or down.


Till Next Post,

~The Mrs. & Kimberlee Joy





Nursery Peek & Baby Updates



As promised, I am finally delivering the nursery peek post along with some new developments in the journey with our little girl. Before we dive into the nursery pictures, I need to recognize another event that recently happened in which my Iowan family members got together to bless baby girl Downin with another baby shower! Time with family I rarely get to see is special enough, but all the teamwork that went into making this shower fun, beautiful, and delicious was extra special! From the front of the door to the dinning room table, everything was bright and welcoming.


My dear family member Melissa worked her magic here with this festive fruit display! Not only could I not stop looking at it, but I also believe I ate my weight in fruit that afternoon. Baby girl was thoroughly pleased with my fruit binge as I could feel her happy little kicks after bites of pineapple, watermelon, blueberries, and strawberries. The fruit display however, was not the only beautiful thing to grace the dinning room table.


My dear Momma-In-Law adorned her silver party tree with decorative baby trinkets like rattles, pacifiers, and other things that welcomed party guests to the table for a bite. While looking at the tree, your eyes would slowly descend to the bottom where little moist masterpieces covered in patterns and edible sparkles just waited to be devoured.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have two. I also regret NOTHING! These cupcakes were absolutely delicious and I ended up encouraging others to eat more with the secret intent of, “The less that are there, the less I will eat”. You also wouldn’t have to look far for something delectable to wash down all the fruit and cake you just ate.


I’m not sure if anyone knows this, (because when would it really come up in a conversation?) but I absolutely adore party punch with sorbet! It’s my favorite and if I didn’t have a shred of dignity and self control left in my body, I would have taken the whole bowl with a Jumbo straw and spoon and gone to town. Future goals. . .


I was delighted by all the gifts for our little girl and the fun games my sister in law planned for the party. It was just plain fun and good fellowship and I appreciated every minute of it. Migraine and all. This little one is definitely going to be loved and supported by many and that in itself is a gift to know and bank on. Out of all the gifts we received, Thomas indeed had his favorite, as he should, because it was specifically meant for him!


His Momma put this together for him and he was so proud of it! It was filled with all the diaper changing essentials and then some for other occasions. I think this gift actually made him excited to change a diaper which is really impressive considering The Mr. here sometimes gets the willies when it comes to cleaning up baby fluids of any kind. He’s going to be great though! It’s definitely fun to see him getting more and more excited as the weeks move along. Now, on to the nursery!


Many of you already know that we’ve had baby girl Downin’s name picked out since we found out she was indeed a little lady. However, many of you might not know the story behind the reason we picked this name. I can remember way back when Thomas and I were in our 2nd or 3rd month of dating when my Momma-In-Law to be came up to me one night in her house in Port Charlotte, Florida and handed me an old white Farm Bureau mailer that felt heavy from all the papers inside. She told me that this was her story and she wanted to share it with me. I pulled out the individual papers that were neatly stacked and all in order. It was a indeed a story. A book without a cover, but soon covered with tears as I read through it. My In-Laws to be had been through so much together. Their first born Kimberlee was taken up to Heaven at only eight years of age tragically and suddenly, their second born, (My sister-in-law Amy) developed cerebral palsy and had to undergo surgeries and procedures since she was born, and then my Momma-In-Law fought a battle with cancer. Throughout the stream of words was the consistent theme of dependance on God to walk them through each of these valleys. This story was a testament to Faith and Trust in the Lord. I learned so much about Sue and Jerry that night, but also about little Kimberlee. The way Sue described her in writing was poetic. She was full of sparks with a love for others and life in general. A sweet and playful spirit was in her. I knew that if I had a daughter, I’d want her to embody those same characteristics. Therefore, the name fled to the back burner of my mind until the foreseeable future presented itself the event to bring it back to the forefront.


When Thomas and I found out we were pregnant we discussed with each other the topic of names. We immediately started with what we wanted for a girl’s name. We had been thinking the same thing all throughout our dating years but never voiced it! Kimberlee. We wanted to honor her memory and bring the name back to the Downin family. After our little discussion and cluelessness on boy’s names, I had a feeling that God just might be giving us a Kimberlee. He delivered on my suspicion!


For the feel of the nursery, I really wanted something whimsical, floral, and woodsy in a nature sense. Most folklore and fairy tales revolve around the setting of woods or a forest and we had the most perfect corner to decal the forest and woodland creatures you would see in those types of stories. We kept the nursery very muted in color other than pops of accent color here and there. The wall color is actually what we have throughout the house and it served as the perfect base for the creams and whites throughout the nursery. It also goes with ANYTHING. Some of the colors you will see working in tandem are pink, green, teal, gray, and coral. Major plus. Featured here, we have a teal colored glider from my In Law’s storage unit and a homemade fleece blanket from Momma-In-Law.


One of my favorite wall decorations is from two of my dearest friends! My friend of now 11 years, Amanda, purchased this beautiful digital print with one of my favorite Biblical references which is perfect regarding the topic of pregnancy. It hangs from a chrome deer head hook from my friend Valerie that I got to pick out on one of our outings together. It adds to the forest theme of the nursery.


We ended up getting this mobile not knowing how incredibly awesome the variety of music is! It plays at least 30 different songs and has a Christmas section and some old hymns! When the first set it up, Thomas and I just sat and listened to it for like ten minutes. It was like being at a mini concert. We would try to guess what the songs were. Something tells me we will probably end up getting sick of those songs the more and more we use it. Anything with noise will probably never leave our minds ever again. Anyways, here are some other shots. I forgot to take one of her closet which I am the most proud of because its an organizational masterpiece, but maybe you’ll just have to visit us to see it 😉


(The Quilt Was A Homemade Gift From Family Members!)



(Not My Actual Diaper Bag. This Is A Stunt Double)


Well, last but not least comes the new updates on our journey towards parenthood. Only a handful of people had been informed initially but we’d really like to stick this information out there for some extra prayer seeing as we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen or when or how to navigate through these decisions yet. Many of you know that I had been looking for a short term project (month long) to help out financially till Kimberlee came. I was put on assignment at Iowa Reality in West Des Moines as an agent assistant until labor day in September and my first day of training was on Friday of last week. It was the perfect setup and I saw the relief pour over Thomas’ face when I told him how much they were going to pay me. I also had my weekly OB appointment that Friday and Iowa Reality so graciously allowed me time to go to my appointment during my training. It was at this appointment that my OB became concerned about the amount of protein in my urine sample and my current blood pressure. I also had been losing vision two weeks prior from daily headaches or migraines every other day. He asked me, “Do you need to be anywhere after this?”

I told him about how I literally just started my training two hours ago for a month long project in West Des Moines and was planning on going back to being trained after the appointment. He replied sincerely, “Well, I need to send you to the hospital and you should probably punt that project to someone else….This is more important. I think you might have Preeclampsia due to all your symptoms and we need to get you tested right away. If it’s full blown, the only way to get rid of it is early delivery.” I completely agreed with him no doubt! Kimberlee’s safety comes first. It was just the utter shock and irony of this all happening on that day and clearly the Lord saying, “DO NOT WORK.” It was hard to delivery the message to Thomas because I was so proud of myself for hooking this job and he told me how proud he was and I kind of felt like a failure both to my baby and to him after talking to my OB. I sobbed for a bit and called my mom and then Thomas who immediately told me to stay where I was and that he’d come take me to the hospital. He couldn’t care less about me having to quit. I had forgotten how understanding my husband was and relished in his words. “No more worrying about work right now. You and Kimberlee are the most important thing and that’s that!”

Before I knew it, we were there walking into the hospital to be tested. A migraine had set in upon check-in. The sweet nurse I had gave me a cold compress for my head and darkened the room after hooking me up to a baby monitor and blood pressure machine that would go off every ten minutes to make sure it wasn’t going too high. Vials of blood were taken to the lab as a fell asleep to the humming of the hospital machines. When the nurse came back an hour later, she said the results in my blood were negative for preeclampsia but they would still have to monitor the situation via a 24 hour urine collection that I could do from home. I was pleased to hear my results were okay and agreed to 24 urine collection.

On Monday, I met with another one of my OB staff and handed in my urine sample and had my blood pressure taken. He said “It’s not a matter of if you have Preeclampsia, but when your symptoms are going to worsen.” Apparently I’m in the beginning stages but the more time that passes the worse the symptoms will get which means the safety of Kimberlee and myself is at risk. Thankfully, the OB mentioned that Kimberlee is only 13 days away from being considered “full-term” (37 weeks). He suggested that we wait out the 13 days till she has developed a little more and then discuss what to do in terms of early delivery. In other words, I don’t believe Kimmy will make it to her due date of September  18th.

In the meantime, I’ve been ordered to “house arrest”. Just kidding. However, I am housebound and have been instructed to not do anything other than relax. My next appointment is this Friday on the 19th. I believe that’s when some more important decisions will be made. So now that you are up to date with the latest, please keep us in prayer. Specifically for safety for Kimberlee and I and wisdom to navigate these unknown waters as first time parents. Thanks for tuning in! I will most likely post 1-2 more times before things get crazy but you never know. Keep an eye out!

All Is Grace,

~The Mrs.




Pregnant Pause


(Captured at a mere six weeks)

Photo on 1-23-16 at 3.44 PM #2

Sincerest apologies for the “Pregnant Pause” in my blogging but in my defense..I am … Pregnant and was experiencing the severe joys of worshiping the porcelain pot amongst other nasties. I thought now that my body is seemingly content at the moment it would most opportune to document everything you’ve missed since my last light-hearted post in the form of Q&A. The questions below are all things that I’ve been asked by several people.

Seven long weeks ago the Mr. & I discovered we were expecting and that I was four weeks along.

Q1: Did you have a feeling you were pregnant?

A: Absolutely not! Some of my friends claim they knew immediately with a maternal 6th sense. I clearly did not have that. In fact, The Mr. was the one who egged me on to take a test because he claimed to have noticed significant change in moods….frequently.

Q2: What was your initial reaction? What was his?

A: My initial reaction to watching that plus sign appear on the P-stick was PANIC, fear, overwhelm, and anxiousness. I can’t even begin to tell you how scared and childlike I became in that initial moment as if I was 10 years old, single, and knocked up with no support. I remember walking out of the bathroom with my hands physically shaking as I told Thomas the news. His reaction was perfect. A calm knowingness from his accurate suspicions and an endearing hug and smile with the words “I’m scared to Kell.” We are both very happy that we have 9 months to adjust to the idea of parenthood at this point in our lives. God’s timing trumps ALL and that’s the only thing that matters.

Q3: What symptoms did you experience? 

A: ALL OF THEM….and then some. Severe fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, dizziness, breaking out like a pre-teener, constipation, heartburn, increased salivation, congestion, no hunger or thirst, and not to mention the lovely fever and respiratory infection I caught from my preschool students. Now that I’m entering my second trimester, many of these things have become a thing of the past and only pop up occasionally. PRAISE GOD.

Q4: Will you find out the gender?

A: Yes! I’m too much of a planner not to (even though not every ultra sound is 100% accurate). The scheduled date for my US is May 5 and we plan to reveal the gender to family and friends soon after. Keep an eye out!

Q5: Do you have names picked out already?

A: Yes and No. We immediately knew what we wanted to name our girl if God graced us with one, but we haven’t really invested time yet for looking into boy names we would both like. It WILL happen eventually and our goal is to at least have 3 boy names we favor on the table and then choose from there after delivery if God graces us with a boy. We’re waiting till the baby comes to release the (boy/girl) name to everyone and only a handful of people know the ones we’ve picked thus far and their personal significance.

Q6: Any weird/insane cravings?

A: In terms of weird, I needed to throw gummy bears into my cereal a few days ago. If we are talking intense cravings that’s easier to think of. STRAWBERRIES. I literally went a whole day eating strawberries and making strawberry smoothies for myself. It is the only smell that makes me literally drool. I would usually buy the sliced and frozen ones and pop one into my mouth to stave off my nausea. I also crave granny smith apples daily which also helped me through my nausea and getting some liquids in me. On a less healthier note, french fries taste even better while pregnant….moderation.

Q7: What was your first appointment like?

A: Nerve-wracking. However, my amazing mother in law was right there by my side through it all. At 8 weeks I was able to see my baby up on the screen through a trans-vaginal ultrasound (yes, it is as uncomfortable as it sounds) and hear my baby’s heartbeat. When I heard the heartbeat my eyes started leaking as well as my mother in law’s. “It just makes it real” we both uttered at the same time as we looked on to see all the little formations and explanations from my absolutely STELLAR OB. Dr. Danielle Snyder was the best referral I have ever gotten from a friend. (Thanks Valerie!) Hearing the heartbeat out loud felt like listening to worship music. It felt like each little beat was praising God for it’s own existence and it was a powerful encouragement to me to keep trusting in God and how he designed my body for this purpose.

Q8: Why did you announce so early?


Q9: Are you planning to take pain medication during labor?

A: I really want to stay as natural as possible. Not knowing what to expect is hard for me because let me tell you…menstrual pain alone had me blacking out sometimes. However, I have faith that the Lord will give both Thomas and I wisdom and clarity on all matters we just aren’t certain about yet.

Q10: Where do you plan on delivering?

A: I plan on delivering at Mercy Medical Center in Downtown Des Moines

Q11: Will you be a stay at home mom?

A: I am a very strong advocate for staying at home to build and nurture my child. Take no offense to what I am about to write because it is only the opinion of one human (me). I’ve worked in the childcare profession ever since I was 16 and had been exposed to several different children with various backgrounds of either being in daycare since they were infants or staying at home with their mom till they hit kindergarten. I saw major differences that reflect heavily on my decision. Yes, it is a blessing to work and to have places that you feel safe leaving your child at with exceptional care but it PALES in comparison to the impact you can have on your own child. I desire to go back to teaching once my baby enters kindergarten or even half day preschool for short lessons. I am already hired as a substitute teacher for the Des Moines Public School District and can make my own hours if need be for extra cash flow.

Q12: What’s the hardest thing about being pregnant?

A: It’s different for everyone but the hardest thing for me is being away from my intermediate family. I was never really a “home-body” per say. Do I love my family? HECK YAH! but I knew I wasn’t destined to live in the same state forever. However, pregnancy has triggered very strong emotions and I end up missing my family members to the point of tears. Hormones…whatcha gonna do?


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about what’s been going on and what we have in the works. I have a few things I wanted to touch on before wrapping up this post. A lot of loss has been surrounding our friends and family lately. Today I learned that one of my sweetest coworkers husband passed unexpectedly at age 30 leaving 3 children and his wife to grieve. If you would lift up this family in prayer daily I would so greatly appreciate it. Also, my sister in law and her husband lost a very close member of their family and could use prayer for their family as well. Remember how precious life is and to not take the small joys for granted. Thank God for his new mercies daily and cultivate a heart of gratitude. That’s my  self challenge and my challenge to others who take it to heart. Many blessings!

Till Next Post,

The Mrs. & Peanut 🙂