Something Old Something New



By the title, you are probably assuming this is a wedding related post….fooled you! After now having my feet placed back under me by the Lord, I have decided to commit myself to one of my hobbies in addition to being a substitute teacher. I’ve decided to reopen myself to photography. I’ve always loved it and loved making people happy with my style of shooting and editing. I’ve gone through a kind of metamorphous with business names through those noncommittal years. You might remember my first one being “Kellyphotographics”. I wanted to sound “cool” and “techy”…embarrassing.  Eventually that name died away because I felt it didn’t represent or mesh well with my style of images. Then came the nice thing that almost everyone does now (which is NOT bad and I’m NOT putting down those who do it because it makes things brand specific) which is the first and middle name of yours truly, “Kelly Christina Photography.” I really liked this but to be honest, I just copied the smarter people who did it before me. I thought to myself, “Well, I am behind the camera taking the shots and they are MY images. So it makes sense and it sounds better….copycat. I just did it because everyone else was doing it.


After taking a good look into my motives, I thought to myself “What drives me? I want that to be incorporated into my brand name.” The answer was so simple and as soon as I thought of it I performed a well deserved face-palm. Delightfully Downin Photography. My motive is my family pictured perfectly right above. They keep me going. They make me want to capture moments and they are the reason I want to pursue this again. The name just seemed right after thinking about it. To me our new brand name says, “We are simply who we are and we love to capture it.”  Having the blog already set up was just the icing on top of the cake.  Those old names are long gone and the new name is here to stay permanently!


However, I’m still currently in the process of designing our website. It’s not ready to be released yet but it will be soon! It’s just a bit hard to design your own site when your newborn’s needs are so many and so frequent. I’ve allowed myself a month to finish and to finish it authentically and not just something spun together last minute because I’m rushed with Kimber. This blog will remain the window into our personal lives but with some added professional life posts.


So keep your eyes peeled for the big website reveal! I’ll be tugging at social media once It’s ready so there’s no way to miss it! I hope you have a most blessed Thursday! Remember to thank God for something/anything today. One way we do this is through our family thankfulness jar & journal. We write something down when we think of it and either put it in the jar or in the journal. At the end of the year, we’ll look back at all the things we gave thanks for!


All Is Grace,

~The Mrs.



January Update


Kelly and Thomas304

I apologize to my fervent readers for the delay in our Downin “day to day”. Life as it would seem has plunged the Mr. and I into a series of challenging events that take heap tons of time and energy away from the weekly indulgence of sharing our life with you all on the blog. A lot of prayer has been bombarding Heaven’s gates from both myself and countless others of our friends and family. So many things have happened since last posting so I’d like to share the untold stories of December leading up into the New Year.

IMG_2402December was a wonderful month filled with the end of my college courses, time spent with family, and time spent with each other. Although we dearly missed the Downin side of our family over the holidays, we enjoyed and cherished the memories spent in Florida with my family.

IMG_2431 IMG_2440 IMG_2442 IMG_2579Previously, at the end of my second practicum, I had gotten into an automobile accident which damaged my car in several expensive ways. The air conditioning ceased to work, the front lights shattered, the front hood bent up to expose the side of the engine, and the automated window system became inactive. Needless to say, it was time in our book to start looking for a new car and not just any car. I wanted something that would keep me safe and something that we could continue to use once we start a family. My father and mother (bless their hearts) decided they would meet me halfway on the price for a new 2015 RAV 4. After months of researching and stressful visits to car lots, this was a Godsend and we gratefully excepted the kind gesture from my parents and thank God daily from relieving that stressful circumstance from our lives.

untitledA day after we had signed the contract and other such paperwork for our RAV 4, Thomas (The Mr.) was on his way home from work driving his Chevy Impala and had a major collision with the person in front of him . The crash was intense enough to have the airbags deploy leaving my poor husband very shaken and sore. The car was not in any state to drive and had to be towed to the local Chevy dealer for further inspection. Thomas had to rent a car to get to and from work on time seeing as how our schedules did not seem flexible enough for carpooling. I would soon start internship and have a very early morning schedule. With all of this bogging down the later half of our lovely December, we decided it was time to do something fun and special together to get away from all the chaos. My dear cousin Joy and her husband Felipe suggested meeting halfway in Charleston, South Carolina for some quality time and a New Year celebration via a 20’s themed party held downtown. It was a refreshing time for both of us and we ended up not wanting to leave.

IMG_2760 IMG_2761 IMG_2767 IMG_2769 IMG_2789 IMG_2793 IMG_2796 IMG_2802 IMG_2826 IMG_2830 IMG_2839 IMG_2850 IMG_2851 IMG_2902 IMG_2903 IMG_2909 IMG_2964It was so extremely hard coming back to reality after our magical time exploring Charleston.  We’d be coming back to our car issues and for me personally, internship. Internship has been a very rude awakening for me about how impossible it is to be the perfect teacher. I had gone into this huge life change off of my anxiety medication. The placement I was in sped up the process of a rapid plunge into anxiety depression with days and nights filled with panic attacks, loss of sleep and loss of appetite. I recognized how desperately I needed to return to my morning readings of the Word and seek the Lord out when I lie awake in bed unable to sleep. I’m becoming more rooted in the Lord’s promises and comfort, but transformation out of chronic worry is like walking through a long valley. It’s a slow process but a wonderfully humbling experience to kneel before God incredibly broken both physically and mentally. The Lord delivered me out of my hardship through the compassion of my supervisor who helped find me a new placement in a nurturing environment.


It was like the reset button had been pressed and I was still nervous but determined to make the gift of my second chance work out. I started in my new placement the last week of January and I feel like I belong in this classroom. My confidence in myself is slowly returning and I’m getting healthier from starting back on my medication in tandem with such a nurturing placement. There was a time during the first week in my first placement when I was seriously considering the option of quitting the program. I praise God for the second chance and for restoring my joy for the profession. Thank you all for your prayers and continual prayer. Your compassion is overwhelming and uplifting to both me and the Mr. I hope this encourages others walking through a valley right now. Even when you feel like your prayers are just hitting the ceiling and that your joy is completely bereft, keep seeking the Lord daily and find peace in His promises. His Word is truth and truth will change you if you believe and accept it. Till next post, stay strong in faith and abundant in joy.

~The Mrs.

Kelly and Thomas566