Pregnant Pause


(Captured at a mere six weeks)

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Sincerest apologies for the “Pregnant Pause” in my blogging but in my defense..I am … Pregnant and was experiencing the severe joys of worshiping the porcelain pot amongst other nasties. I thought now that my body is seemingly content at the moment it would most opportune to document everything you’ve missed since my last light-hearted post in the form of Q&A. The questions below are all things that I’ve been asked by several people.

Seven long weeks ago the Mr. & I discovered we were expecting and that I was four weeks along.

Q1: Did you have a feeling you were pregnant?

A: Absolutely not! Some of my friends claim they knew immediately with a maternal 6th sense. I clearly did not have that. In fact, The Mr. was the one who egged me on to take a test because he claimed to have noticed significant change in moods….frequently.

Q2: What was your initial reaction? What was his?

A: My initial reaction to watching that plus sign appear on the P-stick was PANIC, fear, overwhelm, and anxiousness. I can’t even begin to tell you how scared and childlike I became in that initial moment as if I was 10 years old, single, and knocked up with no support. I remember walking out of the bathroom with my hands physically shaking as I told Thomas the news. His reaction was perfect. A calm knowingness from his accurate suspicions and an endearing hug and smile with the words “I’m scared to Kell.” We are both very happy that we have 9 months to adjust to the idea of parenthood at this point in our lives. God’s timing trumps ALL and that’s the only thing that matters.

Q3: What symptoms did you experience? 

A: ALL OF THEM….and then some. Severe fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, dizziness, breaking out like a pre-teener, constipation, heartburn, increased salivation, congestion, no hunger or thirst, and not to mention the lovely fever and respiratory infection I caught from my preschool students. Now that I’m entering my second trimester, many of these things have become a thing of the past and only pop up occasionally. PRAISE GOD.

Q4: Will you find out the gender?

A: Yes! I’m too much of a planner not to (even though not every ultra sound is 100% accurate). The scheduled date for my US is May 5 and we plan to reveal the gender to family and friends soon after. Keep an eye out!

Q5: Do you have names picked out already?

A: Yes and No. We immediately knew what we wanted to name our girl if God graced us with one, but we haven’t really invested time yet for looking into boy names we would both like. It WILL happen eventually and our goal is to at least have 3 boy names we favor on the table and then choose from there after delivery if God graces us with a boy. We’re waiting till the baby comes to release the (boy/girl) name to everyone and only a handful of people know the ones we’ve picked thus far and their personal significance.

Q6: Any weird/insane cravings?

A: In terms of weird, I needed to throw gummy bears into my cereal a few days ago. If we are talking intense cravings that’s easier to think of. STRAWBERRIES. I literally went a whole day eating strawberries and making strawberry smoothies for myself. It is the only smell that makes me literally drool. I would usually buy the sliced and frozen ones and pop one into my mouth to stave off my nausea. I also crave granny smith apples daily which also helped me through my nausea and getting some liquids in me. On a less healthier note, french fries taste even better while pregnant….moderation.

Q7: What was your first appointment like?

A: Nerve-wracking. However, my amazing mother in law was right there by my side through it all. At 8 weeks I was able to see my baby up on the screen through a trans-vaginal ultrasound (yes, it is as uncomfortable as it sounds) and hear my baby’s heartbeat. When I heard the heartbeat my eyes started leaking as well as my mother in law’s. “It just makes it real” we both uttered at the same time as we looked on to see all the little formations and explanations from my absolutely STELLAR OB. Dr. Danielle Snyder was the best referral I have ever gotten from a friend. (Thanks Valerie!) Hearing the heartbeat out loud felt like listening to worship music. It felt like each little beat was praising God for it’s own existence and it was a powerful encouragement to me to keep trusting in God and how he designed my body for this purpose.

Q8: Why did you announce so early?


Q9: Are you planning to take pain medication during labor?

A: I really want to stay as natural as possible. Not knowing what to expect is hard for me because let me tell you…menstrual pain alone had me blacking out sometimes. However, I have faith that the Lord will give both Thomas and I wisdom and clarity on all matters we just aren’t certain about yet.

Q10: Where do you plan on delivering?

A: I plan on delivering at Mercy Medical Center in Downtown Des Moines

Q11: Will you be a stay at home mom?

A: I am a very strong advocate for staying at home to build and nurture my child. Take no offense to what I am about to write because it is only the opinion of one human (me). I’ve worked in the childcare profession ever since I was 16 and had been exposed to several different children with various backgrounds of either being in daycare since they were infants or staying at home with their mom till they hit kindergarten. I saw major differences that reflect heavily on my decision. Yes, it is a blessing to work and to have places that you feel safe leaving your child at with exceptional care but it PALES in comparison to the impact you can have on your own child. I desire to go back to teaching once my baby enters kindergarten or even half day preschool for short lessons. I am already hired as a substitute teacher for the Des Moines Public School District and can make my own hours if need be for extra cash flow.

Q12: What’s the hardest thing about being pregnant?

A: It’s different for everyone but the hardest thing for me is being away from my intermediate family. I was never really a “home-body” per say. Do I love my family? HECK YAH! but I knew I wasn’t destined to live in the same state forever. However, pregnancy has triggered very strong emotions and I end up missing my family members to the point of tears. Hormones…whatcha gonna do?


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about what’s been going on and what we have in the works. I have a few things I wanted to touch on before wrapping up this post. A lot of loss has been surrounding our friends and family lately. Today I learned that one of my sweetest coworkers husband passed unexpectedly at age 30 leaving 3 children and his wife to grieve. If you would lift up this family in prayer daily I would so greatly appreciate it. Also, my sister in law and her husband lost a very close member of their family and could use prayer for their family as well. Remember how precious life is and to not take the small joys for granted. Thank God for his new mercies daily and cultivate a heart of gratitude. That’s my  self challenge and my challenge to others who take it to heart. Many blessings!

Till Next Post,

The Mrs. & Peanut 🙂